Hillary Clinton Arrested, Finally

In a bombshell story broken by Real Raw News, and confirmed via a White House insider, the vile fiend Hillary Rodham Clinton has finally been arrested. According to the story, Navy SEALs working for Donald J. Trump, who still commands much of the nation’s military, assaulted Clinton’s upstate mansion and captured her after having to sedate her with a tranquilizer dart.

She was taken to an unknown location and is allegedly awaiting transport to GITMO to face a military tribunal for her crimes.

The day was a long time in the making.

Donald J. Trump, the one true president of the U.S., had assembled a team of experts to gather incriminating evidence damning enough to put Clinton behind bars for life. Trump had hoped to arrest her sooner, while he was still in the White House, but the investigation wasn’t completed until the beginning of February.

Over the years, many internet people have made shoddy claims about Clinton having been cloned, replaced, or killed, but none of these claims, until now, have been backed by substantive evidence.

Trump’s people are making moves against the Deep State. Trump plays chess, not checkers. And his game of chess is five-dimensional.

The Deep State should be eradicated soon.

Original story link below:

Navy SEALS Arrest Hillary Clinton

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